Senior School Scholarships are available to boys for entry at Year 7 and Year 9.
Academic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellence in the entrance exams.
Scholarships may also be awarded in Art, Drama, Music or Sports.

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11+ Drama Scholarship Audition Pieces
13+ Drama Scholarship Audition Pieces
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Any award made will be honoured from the time it takes effect until the pupil leaves the school subject to the pupil’s conduct, application and performance being satisfactory. In addition, both the pupil and his parents must give their full support to the school’s policies and procedures.

Academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance papers. As such, a separate application for this award is not required. Pupils who are awarded an academic scholarship are expected to demonstrate an inquisitive nature and model the characteristics we would hope to see emulated by others: organisation, thoroughness, integrity, perseverance, a willingness to take intellectual risks and a particular passion for more than one subject.

Academic scholars are also expected to engage with the opportunities offered beyond the curriculum. In particular, they are expected to participate in the Renaissance Project in their first year, which offers an opportunity to explore their individual interests more deeply, as well as provide in a further degree of depth to their knowledge and experience. Attitude to learning will be monitored, with the expectation of high standards being maintained each year.