Top five tips before your children go back to school

Whether this is your first term with us at Cranmore or you are a returning family, we are very excited to welcome you on Thursday and for all that the 2018 Christmas Term has to offer.

School’s in for Autumn

We trust that all our Cranmore families have enjoyed the Summer break, however you have spent them. From Rockley watersports, Surrey Cricket, Surrey Football, courses in swimming & rowing, Active Camps to general holiday fun, staff and students have been busy at school even outside of term time. But with just a few days until our doors will be open as normal again, it is time to start preparing your children (and yourselves) for Christmas Term 2018. Whilst some may find it sad when the holidays draw to a close, there is something to be said for a return to routine… Whilst staff prepare school facilities and finalise lesson schedules and plans, here are a few things for you to consider in the lead up to Thursday 6th September

Back to school

1. Re-establish school day and sleep routines

They may not like it at the time but sending your children to bed and waking them at regular times during the term helps to establish a rhythm that is good for their physical and mental development. When this pattern is broken during the holidays it can be a shock to the system once they’re back at school. Our school day is carefully constructed to maximise learning and avoid overloading but with so many new things to take in during those first few days, a good night’s sleep is vital.

2. Buy supplies and set up a homework routine

We know that the return to school is already an exciting prospect for all our pupils, but new uniform, stationery and books are a fantastic way to foster even more excitement. To help encourage your children to tackle their homework with enthusiasm, establish a homework station in a practical location of their choice with equipment you choose together.

3. Create an afterschool game plan

We understand that school hours do not align entirely with all parents’ professional and other, general commitments. This is why we hold a number of pre and after school sessions. Cranmore’s provision for before and after school activities include: Breakfast Club, minibus service, choir, music and progress tuition, extended care and After School Club.

4. Review school material and information

There may be new sports or subjects which your child is starting this term that requires different kit or equipment than previously. Check out the school shop for last minute supplies. Make sure your child starts the term as you want them to continue by reminding them of homework procedures. Activities for homework and extension work are posted on the school VLE and recorded in your child’s homework diary.

5. Turn off the TV and video games

Excess television and online games can have a negative impact on learning and behaviour. It is always important to check what your child is watching and the proportion of time that they spend on digital devices. However in the absence of routine and an increase in time spent in the house, monitoring this is more difficult during the holidays. Encouraging your children to take regular breaks from screens to pursue outdoor and social activities or projects helps to develop their imagination, problem solving skills and social confidence. Plenty of fresh air and activity can also put everyone in a better mind set and help them to sleep at night!

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