Interactive Technology

We are extremely grateful that the Cranmore Parents’ Association has gifted sets of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets as a wonderful resource in school for our children to use.

We live in a technological society and so it makes sense to implement both Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as coding, robotics as some of the forms of technology in order to educate tomorrow’s workforce. Whilst books, paper and pencils are still of the upmost importance, interactive technologies help impart knowledge and understanding in a way that videos and 2D pictures cannot.

This technology is to be used throughout the school from the Lower Preps to the 6th Form; whether it be looking at castles, ocean reefs or the Vikings, standing inside a dormant volcanic chamber and vent, the tomb of Rameses or the structure of different molecules. Not only does VR work with the Sciences and Social Sciences other subjects like English and RE can use the many resources. Using VR, a child might be in a deep, dark wood, creating memories to help them write a creative and imaginative story to an RE lesson from within the Vatican.

The possibilities are only limited by the imagination, coupled with the fact that we will be able to create our own resources from Cranmore events and trips.

Exciting times ahead!