January Sports News

  January Sports News (pdf)

The Cranmore Swim Squad performed superbly well in a Virtual Swim Gala at the end of last term. Over 50 swimmers from the school took part in the event which included many schools in the region. The times produced were fantastic and it certainly bodes very well for when ‘real’ galas and championships return.

Virtual Gala Winners

U9A Backstroke – Edward W
U9B Backstroke – Maximus G
U9B Breaststroke – Dylan V
U9B Freestyle – Eoghan F
U9A&B – Freestyle Relay (A – Eoghan F, Edward W, Maximus G, Ben[1]jy M/B – Dylan V, David L, Morgan D, Jack T)
U9A&B – Medley Relay (A – Edward W, Dylan V, Maximus G, Eoghan F/B – Morgan D, Jack T, Benjy M, David L)
U12B Breaststroke – Logan H U13A Butterfly– Jensen W

The last week before Christmas was exceptionally busy with various sporting activities taking place. Our hugely successful ‘Cranmore Inter Winter League’ came to a close with each winning team in the respective Year group being presented their medals whilst being congratulated by their peers.

Sport Scholars challenged themselves by participating in a movement and mobility course during their final session of the term. Other activities included the Henderson Field’s 1km Year group run and further video analysis during PE racquets rotation.

Our partnership with St. Teresa’s has provided many new opportunities for pupils, including inter-school equestrian (NSEA). Jackson B in Year 5 has competed in several show jumping events and did superbly well to win the individual South East Regional Final Championship (Felbridge, Sussex) in the 40cm on his pony Rolo. Photo below.

There has been superb engagement and huge volumes of activity from pupils through our Remote Learning provisions since the new term began. With every pupil in the Upper prep and Senior school having been given a shuttlecock there has been weekly challenges set by Mr Cox.

Also, weekly rugby skills to progress individual development, step by step juggling progressions, football skills with Mr Jenkins, strength movement patterns to aid athletic development and HIIT workouts.

The big event taking place in the upper part of the school is the ‘Cranmore Class Distance Challenge’. This is a 6-week class distance challenge, where pupils input their individual metres to contribute to their class totals.

Walking, jogging, and running counts, plus rowing (ergos) and cycling using a special formula. Classes are competing within their own Year groups as well as against the rest in the Upper Prep and Senior School.

The distances are also plotted on a UK map to see if classes having started at Cranmore in Surrey, can reach the 10 chosen stadiums and sporting arenas.

We will reveal the winners in next month’s edition!

From Year 7 upwards, we are very pleased that we are able to offer an alternative choice for pupils to that of the main curriculum sport in the form of rowing. With our excellent partnership with Walton Rowing Club, hundreds of Cranmore pupils have enjoyed the sport having commenced more than twenty years ago.

With popular interest and excellent coaching there has been much success on the water over the years. The most recent has been in the indoor discipline with Year 8 pupil Igor T excelling in several events. Igor did brilliantly in the British Indoor Rowing Championships. He managed two new PBs in both the 3 mins (891m) and the 500m (1.35.8) events.

The latter being a new British record. Photo of Igor, left.

Lower Prep Sport Review from Miss Moor

We had a very busy Christmas term of sport in Lower Prep which consisted of, football, dance, gymnastics, netball, swimming, evasion skills, fundamental movements and lots more. We were outside come rain or shine, and all pupils came to each lesson with lots of enthusiasm.

Year 3 finished off their football Inter Winter League, which saw great teamwork throughout each game. Year 3 also learned about the ‘Cranmore Creatures’ and how they improve overall body strength, balance and coordination; they even made up their own creatures.

Year 2 had their final dance lesson in their Christmas jumpers, and they played musical statues. They all showed great balance when the music had stopped.

Year 1 finished off their dance to a Lion King song and they also ended their football season.

Reception were starting to learn the concept of playing as a team and all about attacking and defending in football; they were also learning how to aim accurately, and they did this by practising at a target.

Even though sport may not be happening onsite at Cranmore this term, the pupils in the Lower Prep school are being encouraged to be as active as ever! Many activities are on offer each week such as the Cranmore Creatures, Mindfulness, Weekly Challenges, HIIT workouts and of course the famous Staircase Challenge. We hope you enjoy the selection of photos below.

The Staircase Challenge has been very well received and as a Lower Prep School the pupils have collectively climbed over 180,000 steps on their stairs! This means they have climbed up Mount Everest over two times. This is a fantastic achievement. Now what we are trying to see, is which class can climb to the top of Mount Everest first! Six out of the nine classes in Lower Prep are well over halfway up. With just under two weeks to go, let us see if any of the classes can reach the summit. Even the teachers are joining in on the challenge, better late than never! In next month’s newsletter, we will reveal which class climbed the furthest up their stairs!

Miss Moore